About DEVO

Omaha DEVO is a developmental mountain biking program for kid’s ages 5-18.

Omaha “DEVO” (short for development) is a non-profit partnership between Activate Omaha and local volunteers, who are dedicated to introducing, teaching, and developing kids in the lifelong sport of mountain biking.

Omaha DEVO offers an eight-week program to develop kids (of all abilities) in the exciting sport of mountain biking. Omaha DEVO curriculum is organized into a building block style program, starting with basic bicycle handling skills and gradually working up to advanced off- road techniques.

Omaha DEVO riders are initially organized into three age-based programs at registration; U10 (ages 5-9), U14 (ages 10-13) and U19 (ages 14-18). Omaha DEVO riders will also be evaluated periodically, and rearranged into groups based on skill and progression.

Omaha DEVO conducts two-hour, concurrent practice sessions each Monday night at Swanson Park (Bellevue) and at Tranquility Park (NW Omaha). Omaha DEVO also hosts weekly “All- DEVO” rides each Saturday during the eight-week program, where parents are invited to join their kids on the trails. This is a great opportunity for kids to show off their new skills, and maybe even teach mom or dad something new!

Omaha DEVO coaching staff offers a diverse cycling background ranging from the “weekend- warrior” to the “elite” competitive cyclist. Omaha DEVO coaches receive American Red Cross First Aid & CPR training as well as receive criminal background checks, which are conducted by the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department.

Omaha DEVO is a fully insured program, which operates under Activate Omaha for 501c3 (non- profit) status.

Omaha DEVO has an advisory board consisting of fourteen members.

Please email omaha.devo@gmail.com with any questions.